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Full service pet care for dogs and cats

Welcome to Manor Veterinary Hospital! We serve clients and their pets in the Manor, Texas area, including Austin, Manor, Elgin, Bastrop, Hutto, Taylor and all points east of IH35 in Central Texas. Manor Veterinary Hospital is a full service, small animal facility specializing in care for dogs and cats. We offer veterinary services in preventative medicine, internal medicine, surgery and pet dentistry, pain management, and dog and cat boarding.

Our Manor Veterinary Hospital team believes that pet care is an ongoing process that requires communication with you, the pet owner. We take pride in our individualized approach to medicine and the quality of pet care we provide to our patients and their owners.

We value our patients and provide a range of services to keep pets healthy and thriving. Thank you for visiting our website. We are pleased that you have chosen us to care for your pet family and look forward to seeing you at the hospital!

Bonnie M. Carter, DVM
Owner, Senior Veterinarian
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Although born in Florida, I have made Austin home since 1993 when I came to visit my brother’s family. I have lived in Florida, Alabama, and Beaumont, Texas in my younger years. After completing the University of Florida’s Undergraduate Honor’s Program with a BS in Zoology, I attended UF’s College of Veterinary Medicine, graduating in 1991.

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