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Our goal is to provide life-long preventative care, to ensure long, healthy, happy lives for our patients. When you bring your pet in as a puppy or a kitten, we begin with the basics such as pet vaccinations, nutritional counseling, home dental care, and parasite prevention to include fleas and ticks, heartworms and intestinal parasites.  “Wellness” begins with the love and nurture you provide and continues with the medical advice provided by our team.

Preventative care extends into adulthood for your pet between the ages of one and seven years with annual wellness exams and vaccinations, along with heartworm testing and continued heartworm prevention.

Senior wellness care, for pets over 7 years, includes bi-annual wellness exams and appropriate vaccinations, as recommended by our veterinarians. Senior care also includes annual heartworm testing and continued heartworm prevention.  Senior pets may also benefit from an annual bloodwork screening to assess and pro-actively treat any issues associated with older age, such as possible joint pain, etc.